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May 7, 2020

Opportunities for Heroes Act – funeral service

Some good news to report from the national level. Please note: funeral service is included in this bill!

A new bill introduced this week would give essential workers $25,000 in student debt relief— or for college tuition or costs of a workforce development or continuing education program. Kuster and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) introduced the Opportunities for Heroes Act on Tuesday. The bill has several other Democratic cosponsors, but Fitzpatrick is the only Republican on board so far.

If the bill were to become law, the Secretary of Labor would establish a new commission to determine which workers are deemed essential and eligible for the $25,000. Some of the positions the bill specifically mentions include healthcare workers, first responders, pharmacy workers, grocery store workers and postal work… and funeral service.

Essential workers who worked at least 480 hours in a 120-day period during the COVID-19 crisis would be eligible. Workers who couldn’t reach 480 hours due to a case of COVID-19 would still be eligible.

The bill would allow workers to transfer the money to a family member. For example, if an essential worker did not have student loans or a desire to go to college, they could use the money to pay for their child’s education.

“Employment in mortuary services, including cremation, burial, coffin making, and funeral home services”.

View Intro Bill

Virginia Attorney General’s Office Signs On To Letter Regarding The Upcoming FTC Funeral Rule Review

Read Multistate Letter Regarding Upcoming FTC Funeral Rule Review

May 6, 2020

5/6 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

Updated Numbers:
Numbers are not available. The VDH website had technical issues.

Next Steps –
More details on the reopening phases and guidelines will be released on Friday. Phase I’s restrictions will be “the floor” and localities will be allowed to have additional restrictions. Those additional restrictions will be approved by the state. Localities cannot be less stringent than the state level restrictions.

Virginia National Guard –
Virginia needs more tests and the personnel to administer the tests. The Virginia National Guard is helping with additional capacity for testing. They are working in outbreak settings (like long term care facilities) and transporting tests to labs. They have personnel in northern and central Virginia and will be expanding to the eastern shore this weekend. Additionally, staff are helping with food banks and distribution centers. There are 100 long term care facilities waiting for the National Guard testing help.

Health Equity Work Group –
The work group is working with localities on health equity training. They are providing COVID-19 information in many languages to help bridge the gap. Additionally, masks and hand sanitizer are being distributed throughout Virginia.

State Contracts for Testing –
There are no contracts for testing (two are in the process of being finalized) but the companies are working with Virginia to get tests to the appropriate areas.

Federal Funding –
There have been approximately 50 different income streams coming to Virginia through the Federal funding and support. $3.1 billion in state and local funding has very strict rules around how it can be spent. The Governor’s team is working on how best to allocate the funding and, while some will go to localities, there isn’t a mandate that the state give it directly to local governments.

May 5, 2020

5/4 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

To date, Virginia has 19,492 positive cases (122,788 people tested), 2700 hospitalizations, and 684 deaths.
There are 239 outbreaks across the state and the majority of those are in long term care facilities.

It has been nearly two months since Virginia had its first positive case (March 7th). All of Virginia’s efforts have slowed the disease but it has not and cannot eradicate it. The virus is still here and it will not go away until there is a vaccine. As Virginia reopens for business, the threat will still remain for vulnerable populations and all citizens must remain cautious in actions.

Reopening Guidelines –
Virginia is not reopening this week. The Governor is extending the Stay at Home Executive Order through May 14th. The current plan is for the reopening to start next Friday. It will take three phases to fully reopen the Commonwealth. The Governor is not going to open Virginia on a regional basis. Virginia’s top priority is workplace safety and the Administration is waiting for guidance on unemployment insurance for those employees that feel unsafe/unsure about going back to work.

PHASE I – (3 weeks)
Safer at home (not stay)
Face coverings
Continued teleworking and social distancing.
Easing limits on business – companies should keep coworkers and customers physically separate. Limited gatherings and, when they occur, they must be kept very short. Businesses will need to increase cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces
Additionally, there will be more guidelines and requirements for those businesses closed as part of EO 53 (entertainment, personal grooming, campgrounds, retail, restaurants and places of worship)

Phase II – (3 weeks)
Stay at home for vulnerable populations
No gatherings of 50 or more
Continued social distancing and teleworking
Face coverings
Further easing of business restrictions, guidelines to be provided

Phase III –
Much depends on data collected during Phases I and II

Testing and Tracing –
Virginia will continue to increase testing and plans to employ and deploy a thousand as contact tracers throughout the Commonwealth. Alarming increase in cases in meat and poultry processing plants.
The Testing Task Force is going to give more information on testing including places where you can be tested.

May 1, 2020

5/1 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

16,901 positive cases (105,648 total tested), 2,416 hospitalized, and 581 deaths.

Virginia’s response to COVID-19 has helped flatten the curve but we are not out of the woods yet. Virginia is working to have a stable supply of PPE both through purchasing new materials and decontaminating existing PPE

Testing –
The Governor’s office will release a PowerPoint presentation on the status of COVID-19 testing in Virginia. The CDC has come out with new guidance on how to test patients that helps save PPE and allows for testing in many new, different settings. The new guidance and types of testing mediums also allows for increased testing capabilities. Virginia contracting with three different labs to process more tests (approx. 5000/day) and to do so quickly. Virginia is in Phase 2 of the 5 phases for testing. We are testing around 5000 per day and expanding locations, number of tests, and ability to process. Virginia is working towards moving into Phase 3. The Department of Health will continue to focus on high priority people. Asking other clinicians to focus on lower priority patients to increase the overall universe of those being tested.

Testing in Long Term Care Settings –
The Long Term Care Task Force is setting up large scale testing for those facilities with two or more positive cases. The state is testing all people, on the same day, in facilities with outbreaks. Long term Care Facilities should seeking testing through their local health districts. The National Guard is available to help with the logistics of such large scale testing. The VA law does not allow the VDH to reveal the names of facilities that have positive COVID-19 cases.

On Monday, Governor will discuss what Virginia’s Phase 1 reopening looks will entail. The Governor’s EO closing certain business is set to end on May 8th. The Governor’s team is still looking at the data and will issue reopening guidelines on Monday but the Governor will not say as to whether or not May 8th will be changed. When other states talk about going to Phase 1 of reopening. Their Phase 1 looks a lot like what Virginia is doing now. Governor believes there are pros and cons to allowing some regions to reopen before others.

VA Dept of Education –
As of today, the VA DOE has distributed the $238.6m for school divisions provided to Virginia through the CARES Act. 90% of the money will pass directly to school divisions while the remaining 10% will stay at the state level to cover costs of technology, etc. The Governor doesn’t know if those school divisions that provide year round schooling will be able to reopen in July. The Administration is working towards ensuring schools will be able to reopen this fall.

Contact Tracing –
The Administration is ramping up the workforce to handle the needed tracing. The local health departments handle contract tracing and they have been increasing staffing to be able to handle COVID-19 tracing. As part of the “reopening,” the VDH is working on plans to increase staffing for even more contact tracing.

Unemployment Benefits –
550,000 people have applied for unemployment benefits. The Agency has been inundated with requests and they are doing everything they can to process applications and get benefits to qualified applicants.

Small Business Assistance –
Virginia has a lot of measures already in place and the Governor’s Chief of Staff articulated that Virginia did more to help small businesses than other states. He pointed out that in addition to closing very few businesses, the administration created a COVID-19 Relief fund.

April 30, 2020

Look at the coronavirus “curve” for each of Virginia’s cities and counties

Because Gov. Ralph Northam has appeared open to reopening Virginia on a regional basis, The Virginian-Pilot examined the count of new cases each day for all of the state’s localities to get a sense of which direction different areas were heading.

Read More

April 29, 2020

4/29 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

14,961 positive cases (85,307 total tests), 2,259 hospitalizations, and 522 deaths. There are 206 outbreaks throughout VA and 116 of them are in long term care facilities (nursing homes and assisted living facilities). Of the 116 outbreaks, there are 1407 positive cases and 111 deaths.
VDH reports that data will be provided at the zip code level going forward.

Meat Processing Facilities
President Trump ordered all meat processing plants to stay open. CDC team arrived yesterday to assess and provide guidance to the meat processing facilities on the eastern shore. Governor Northam’s concern is for the health and safety of these workers and he has directed VA Dept of Labor to work with the plants to affirm that these facilities are following CDC and OSHA guidance.

Non-emergency Procedures for Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians –
The ban on non-emergency procedures was done to protect PPEs and ensure that there were adequate resources to care for healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients. Virginia’s hospitals have not been overrun and there is enough PPE for doctors and dentist offices. Today, the Governor announced that these procedures can start again on Friday, May 1st. Hospitals can begin performing elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures and treatments. The dental association has issued new guidance for reopening offices so as to keep dentists, dental team members, and patients safe.

Student Loan Help–
Virginia is joining several other states to help an additional 200k with student loan relief. The relief will include a minimum of 90 days forbearance, waiving of late payment fees, as well as other actions.

Regional Reopening of Virginia –
Governor’s team is still working through a plan. The plan will be data driven. The Business group met on Monday and has one more meeting scheduled.

Testing –
State making a database of all labs that can process tests so they can maximize testing capabilities. Early on, Virginia had challenges with PPE and testing supplies. Now Virginia has more capacity and can test more people, including those who are not in high risk categories. More testing updates will be given on Friday, May 1st.

K12 –
The Administration is working to make sure that students are back in school this late august/early September.

April 27, 2020

4/27 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

As of Monday morning – 80,180 people tested, 13,535 positive cases, 2,066 hospitalizations, and 458 deaths.
Virginia is looking into different technology options for testing and tracing positive cases. The health department has granular level data, including by jurisdictions, but must be careful not to give out information that allows individuals to be identified.

Today the Commonwealth received 800,000 gloves and 300,000 surgical masks from the contract with Northfield medical supply. Also, Virginia will receive 14,000 test swabs from FEMA and a request in for an additional 200,000 test swabs. Inmates in the VA Dept of Corrections have made 470,000 made masks that have been distributed to protect those incarcerated, DOC staff, law enforcement, and state employees.

Testing –
41% increase in testing to approximately 4000 per day with the goal to test 10,000 people per day (by the summer months). Starting this weekend, the local health departments began testing in public housing neighborhoods to ensure that those vulnerable residents are able to access tests. Also providing residents with ppe supplies and access to healthcare advice. The co-chair of the Governor’s Testing Task Force will give more information on testing during Wednesday ‘s briefing.

Last week, the state and Richmond Health Dept did a pilot testing study in Richmond at a housing development. It was very successful and the neighborhood participated at high levels. The state is looking to scale up the plan and increase the number of communities tested.

Virginia operates two long term care facilities for veterans. The facilities follow CDC guidelines and the state has taken added precautions to protect residents. Staff is working to ensure that veterans can communicate with each other and restricting access for those coming into the community through screening. Virginia also works closely with the three federal veterans facilities to ensure that everyone is engaged to protect veterans.

Meat Processing Plants –
There are rising concerns over spread of COVID-19. VA has 10 poultry processing facilities in Valley and Eastern Shore. Unfortunately, the Eastern Shore Health District is reporting a rising number of positive results. The same trend is happening throughout the Delmarva peninsula, spreading from Virginia through Maryland and Delaware. These plants are a vital part of the food supply chain for the entire east coast. The companies are taking extra safety precautions to keep the facilities open but the Governor is very concerned about the rising numbers of positive cases. Over 3000 people work in two plants on the Eastern Shore. Many do not speak English as their primary language and they live in very close quarters. The Governors of VA, DE, and MD asked the federal government for assistance in combating the spread in these communities. The CDC has committed to deploying teams, starting today, to work with the local health departments to assess and help with wide scale testing. CDC has also released new guidance for meat processing facilities. While the focus is on the plants on the Eastern Shore, there have also been developments at the smaller facilities in the Shenandoah Valley.

Vaccinations –
Vaccines will allow us to return to “normal.” Governor strongly urges parents to stay current with their children’s vaccination schedules, especially during this time. All children should keep up with their well visits to ensure that their physical health is protected. The Governor doesn’t want to see an outbreak of a preventable disease. Doctors’ offices are safe and the Governor encourages people to go see their doctors to maintain their own health.

Behavioral Health –
During this stressful time, there has been an increase in substance abuse. Those already getting behavioral health treatment should keep up with their appointments. Virginia has received a grant to help cover the costs of mental health treatment, including medicine, supportive housing, etc.

Additional Funding for Virginia –
Now available, $14.6m will cover a new program to help businesses during this time of closure and emergency. Also, the CTB has received, $100m in federal transportation funding from the CARES Act to help local governments and transportation bodies cover some revenue loses.

Reopening for Business –
The Business Task Force will meet again this afternoon to continue discussions on the reopening plan. While the majority of Virginia’s regional discussions have been with Maryland and DC, the Governor is talking to all neighboring states, including those reopening before Virginia. Evaluating if there are options for reopening certain regions of Virginia on a case by case basis (ex. Bristol area). More testing must be done before Virginia begins the process to reopen any area. Virginia will use the same criteria for entering Phase I to determine when it is time to move into Phase II – number of cases, hospital capacity, PPE availability, etc. This will be a business and consumer driven recovery.

April 27, 2020

Virginia’s ‘probable’ COVID-19 death counts don’t match the experience of funeral directors

The Virginia Department of Health reported a total of three “probable” COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday — a number that many funeral directors say is inconsistent with their experiences over the past few weeks.

Read the article

April 20, 2020

4/20 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

As of this morning, 8990 positive cases and 300 deaths.
To date, 139 outbreaks across Virginia. Of those, 77 outbreaks are in long-term care facilities. Of the reported deaths, 26% are individuals who were in a long term care facility.
Modeling still suggests Virginia will hit its peak later this week.

Testing Plans and NEW Governor’s Testing Workgroup –
“Reopening” the state depends on the ability to run large scale testing programs. Initially, Virginia struggled with getting enough testing materials but the testing ability has steadily increased in the past few weeks – in both the private and public sector. Hospitals are scaling up their capabilities and private labs are reporting results faster. The State Lab has also increased its testing capabilities, running 300 tests per day. Altria supplying materials so that Virginia can increase capacity further. The Governor’s Administration is encouraging doctors to test more patients, especially those in Categories 2 and 3.

Today, the Governor announced the creation of a Testing Work Group headed by Dr. Remley (former Commissioner of VDH) and Dr. Peake (state epidemiologist) will include representatives from hospitals, ERs, free clinics, private labs, state and long term care facilities. The work group will create a coordinated statewide testing plan and work with the CDC. The CDC plans to assist by sending staff to all states to help with testing of vulnerable populations. These are all key measures to help Virginia reach Phase I of reopening the economy.
The Testing Workgroup will focus on:
1. Expanding the number of test sites and criteria
2. Increasing testing volume and capacity
3. Addressing the factors that limit our testing capacity
The results may lead to increased staffing at VDH and the need for increased resources.

Heath Data –
Starting this week, the Virginia Department of Health will report the numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities with demographic information at a more granular, geographic level. County and Health District level information will be updated daily on the VDH website.

Long Term Care Task Force –
55% of all Virginia outbreaks are inside long term care facilities. The Task Force is working to help those facilities without an outbreak to ensure they have the measures in place to protect against one and quickly respond should the need arise. They are also working at quickly deploying staff to do assessments in facilities as soon as an outbreak is found. Last week, the Richmond Health District suggested that those individuals with family members in long term care facilities remove them from the facility to protect against infection. As of now, the Task Force is not making similar recommendation but is considering issuing guidance on how best to care for those family members removed from a long term care setting. CMS has issued new guidelines on nursing home guidelines, including reporting requirements. Dr. Forlano is working through them now but noted that Virginia already has similar guidelines on reporting information.

Food Supply Chain –
There is growing concerns for employees in food production facilities in Virginia (meat processing, meat packing). These types of facilities have been sites of major outbreaks in other states. There have been smaller outbreaks in Virginia facilities. VDH is working with plant managers and their occupational health employees. VDH is providing PPE, doing case identification and providing assistance to help stop the spread.

April 20, 2020


April 17, 2020

4/17 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

7,491 confirmed cases, 231 deaths and 1,221 hospitalizations. A new outbreak in a nursing home in the Shenandoah Health District.
Virginia has seen an improvement in the collection of race and ethnicity data. Virginia is discussing ways to develop a registry for tracking those who had COVID-19 and recovered outside of the hospital setting. VA Higher Ed community is coordinating a COVID-19 registry.

Virginia Reopening –
Governor Northam will work with the Governors of MD and NC as well as the Mayor of DC to coordinate a regional response for reopening the economy. Governor Northam participated in a White House call to discuss the CDC guidelines for reopening. Virginia can’t get into Phase I of the reopening process until COVID-19 positive tests are on a downward trend for 14 days. Virginia isn’t there yet (600 new cases today). When that day comes, Virginia needs to have the resources to test, track, surveil, and isolate. That cannot be done without testing resources, PPE, and staffing.

Additional Resources –
First shipment of PPE procured through a contract with Northfield has arrived. Expecting more shipments from this order in the coming weeks. PPE continues to be in short supply and Virginia continues to develop. Virginia has received $1.6B in stimulus dollars to respond to COVID-19. Have funding from FEMA to pay for hotel rooms for first responders battling COVID-19.

Medical Staffing and Liability Protections to Providers –
The Administration is working with hospitals and nursing homes to help them with staffing shortages. Today, the Governor signed an EO to waive restrictions to allow out of state doctors to work in certain Virginia settings. Additional waivers for nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and other trained medical professionals. Waiving regulatory rules around staffing will allow long term care facilities to have greater ability to fill staff shortages. The Administration is also encouraging furloughed medical trained staff to work/volunteer in nursing home environments. Under the current State of Emergency, there are already significant protections for providers. The Governor is considering the request for additional protections.

Long Term Care Testing –
VDH is updating their testing criteria and information will be released shortly. The criteria includes increased testing of those individuals about to move into a long term care setting. Additionally, they will be testing everyone in a long term care facility that has a COVID-19 outbreak. As for the release of information, the Health Department cannot legally release granular information on individuals or facilities.

Unemployment –
Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) saw 106,000 new applicants this week. VEC has payroll records for about 80% of all applicants, so some may be denied until additional information is provided. A new web portal will be opened to make it easier for those who need to submit additional documentation to do so.

Remote Voting for Legislators –
Speaker of the House is looking into the option or remoting voting for either the reconvened and/or the special budget session. Governor thinks the option of remote voting is worth investigating.

April 16, 2020
What Should Deathcare Providers Be Doing Right Now?

COVID19 _removals_and_prep

April 16, 2020
Embalming Guidelines for Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases


April 15, 2020

4/15 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

Governor Northam stresses that now is not the time to stop what we are doing and get back to normal. Current modeling suggests our hospitals can handle the current number of cases. If we stop social distancing, the models say our hospitals will be overrun by a surge. Things will not go back to “normal” when the stay-at-home orders are lifted. Face coverings, no more large gatherings, and social restrictions will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

6,500 positives cases (44,169 people tested), 195 deaths, and 1,048 hospitalizations.
Virginia continues to have problems getting accurate race and ethnicity data.

Executive Order 53 Extended–
Governor is extending Executive Order 53, continuing restrictions on restaurants, recreational activity, entertainment, personal care businesses, gatherings and non-essential retail businesses. The order was initially supposed to be in effect until Thursday, April 23 but will now last an additional two weeks until May 8. The Governor has heard from impacted businesses, especially barber shops and salons who have given the Administration suggestions on how they could reopen and operate safely. Governor Northam says Virginia isn’t ready for them to reopen but they will be at the top of his list when the time comes.

Economic Strike Force –
Business community working with the Administration to adhere to new rules and plan for the future. Prior to COVID-19, Virginia’s economy was on fire. March revenue was 10.8% higher than this same time last year. As Virginia looks to reopening the economy, Governor Northam works closely with the regional leaders to try to have regional consistency.

Childcare Funding for Essential Personnel –
Childcare for essential workers is very much in need. Virginia has received $70 million from the CARES Act to help pay for childcare resources for essential employees. Providers are asked to update the hours/days of operation on The funding will be used as follows:
1. Provide cash assistance to childcare centers
2. Prepare schools to act as childcare centers where other options are not available
3. Eliminate copayments for those already receiving subsidy dollars
4. Make more resources available for childcare centers that receive subsidy dollars but closed due to the pandemic.

Volunteers Needed to the Medical Reserve Corp –
Virginia estimates that we need 30k volunteers to help fill in health care positions and roles. The staffing needs are in hospitals and long term care centers.

Long Term Care Task Force –
Developing a system level approach to respond to staffing, testing, and PPEs needs as well as coordination between hospitals and long term care facilities.

Tax Filing Deadlines –
Virginia taxes are due June 1st (extended from May 1st). Virginia didn’t extended the date past June 1 because of the budget cycle which depends on certainty and must be balanced. Virginia cannot extend the date further.

April 13, 2020

4/13 VA Gov Northam COVID-19 Update

UPDATED Numbers:
5,747 total positive cases, 149 deaths, 903 total hospitalizations. 41,401 people tested.
Virginia has race and ethnicity data on approximately half of the cases. Virginia is one of 12 states that report race and ethnicity data.
Virginia needs increased testing availability and faster processing of the tests. This will help with any efforts to reopen Virginia to business.

Modeling –
Members of the media had a noon briefing to see the comprehensive models the Administration reviews when making decisions. The Governor bases his decisions on science and data and by listening to public health experts, Hospital CEOs, and economic advisors to ensure Virginia is prepared to respond to the pandemic and its aftermath. The models change daily due, in part, to the way people behave. Virginia now has a state specific model to predict the possible surge. It shows that social distancing measures are working to slow the spread and that VA hospitals have sufficient capacity to handle the surge. The model also demonstrates that if Virginians rush to get our lives back to normal, we will see a surge in cases. The models show spread and surges vary greatly by region of the Commonwealth. That is largely due to population densities and shows how powerful social distancing can be in slowing spread. Because the virus doesn’t know boundaries, there must be a single, state wide policy for combating it.

Dept of Education –
Closing schools was a necessary step to protect public health and it has had a profound impact on students, parents, and teachers. The state is making additional resources available to teachers and students to help facilitate distance learning.
1. Expanding Virtual VA to allow every teacher to host virtual classes through June 30. For students without internet access, the content can be loaded onto devices and used offline.
2. Four VA public media stations have launched teacher led programing to help students in grades K-10.
3. DOE issued a new guidance document to all educators/schools to help prevent the further widening of achievement gaps.

Task Force Addressing Long Term Care Facilities –
Last week Governor announced that Dr. Forlano is heading the state Task Force, targeting Long Term Care facilities needs and challenges to better combat spread and protect the health of residents and staff. Staffing continues to be an issue, especially in facilities with an outbreak. The Task Force is looking at ways the Medical Reserve Corp can help with staffing at facilities. There is also new reporting data available on the State Health Dept website. Of the 97 outbreaks reported, 53 have been in long term care facilities. For families with loved ones in a long term care facility, the Dept of Health stresses that facilities should be keeping families informed with timely, accurate information. The Task Force is looking at ways to help facilities with their communications.

Proposed Amendments to the State Budget and Bills –
The Governor dispensed with 1291 pieces of legislation. He proposed 144 amendments to the budget, many of which freeze state spending. Additionally several budget amendments relax regulations to help businesses and health care providers respond to the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition to the budget, the Governor proposes to delay the ban on “games of skill” and use the tax revenue to fund the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Existing Executive Order on Entertainment/Barber Shops/Gyms –
The Governor’s EO closing down entertainment establishments, theaters, gums, and salons is set to expire on April 23rd. The Governor announced today that he will extend that deadline and will announce the new date on Wednesday, April 15th. The Governor believes the extension is critical to keeping people home and enforcing social distancing guidelines which are helping to slow the spread of COVID-19.

President Trump’s comments on Stay-At-Home Guidelines –
Governor Northam makes his decisions in the best interest of Virginia. He will review guidelines given at the national level but will make a Virginia based decision.

Alternative Care Facilities –
The Administration is contact with Hospital CEOs on a daily basis to determine need and how to respond. There are multiple options including construction inside existing hospitals, MASH-style units, or large scale alternative care facilities and the Administration has plans for all three.

April 13, 2020

NFDA requesting that funeral service be considered in any COVID stimulus legislation

This letter was sent Thursday morning to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer from the National Funeral Directors Association. You can view all the letters NFDA has sent to the Administration, Governors, and Congress on the COVID-19 section of the NFDA website.

NFDA has also sent a letter to congressional leadership requesting that funeral service be considered in any COVID stimulus legislation.

The VFDA will monitor all the COVID bills as they move through Congress and engage as necessary with the NFDA and state executives.

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