Dear VFDA Members – Please distribute this letter to all staff using the EDRS.

Good day to all. Looking back on the EDRS changes from this summer, I wanted to address them briefly for you. We knew that making this change to mandatory usage by funeral homes and furthering the usage by physicians at the teaching institutions and those serving hospice programs would not occur without its share of bumps. The messaging by the hospice associations to their members was not as thorough as we would have hoped and when we agree on a mandatory participation by ALL physicians in Virginia, we will make sure that we go above and beyond to spread the message. All that being said, I wanted to send this letter and stress to all managers and owners the importance of making sure each and every staff member who works in the EDRS has some of the key techniques to use.

First, when you are on the create case screen, the EDRS has the ability to link the birth records with the death records. The method I’m going to explain to you is only possible when the deceased individual was born in Virginia. When you begin to complete the information on that screen LESS IS MORE. For a gentleman who was born in Virginia, complete only the box for his first and last name, click yes for born in Virginia, and enter the first and last name of his father. Most times this will allow you to find his birth record. You can use his mother’s first and maiden name also, but for some reason, the birth record is more likely to be found using the father’s name. When creating a case for a lady, the information you use to search is slightly different. Because a lady may have the married name of Jane Jones, but her full maiden name was Jane Smith, try searching this way. Use her first name as such, but instead of using her married last name, use her maiden name in the last name blank. That was the name given on her birth record. Then click yes for born in Virginia, and complete her father’s first and last name. If you are successful in your search, you should be able to see one or more birth records listed below. Be careful in choosing, and make sure that you select the correct person by matching his/her name with the correct parent names. Again, for a female, you will have to adjust her last name to reflect what her last name is at the time of her death. If anyone has any questions about this, you are welcome to call me and I will walk you through a step by step over the phone.

Second, as more and more doctors begin to participate in the system, I want to tell you the easiest way to find them. Much like it is on the create case screen when searching for the birth records, less is more when searching for a doctor. The BEST way to find doctors is to search by only their last name. With common last names, you are likely to find multiple doctors with the same last name. You can scroll through the search results to select the correct doctor. Even though it may result in a higher number of doctors found, this is the simplest method. The slightest imperfection will cause the search tool not to work. When typing a name, be sure you DO NOT put a space at the end of their name. The search function reads that as a character and will also not find the correct doctor.

Over the course of the past several weeks, there have been a large number of doctors getting signed up. With that being the trend, both of these tips are going to be of great help to you going forward. You will start to have more and more death certificates which are fully electronic from start to finish. This is the second step as we work towards full participation. As we have previously stated, if you encounter any doctors who serve hospice programs, that continue to be resistant to the new law, please contact the VFDA office immediately and we will assist in any way possible.

Jay McIntyre, CFSP
VFDA Legislative Chair
McMullen Funeral Home
540.833.2891 – Funeral Home
540.421.6585 – Cell


Dear VFDA Members:
If you have a death from Lakewood Manor Retirement Community, Jennifer P. Hauser, NP will sign the death certificate for patients under the care of Dr. Kahlid Karim or Dr. Mohammd Siddiqui. She will certify the death after you enter the biographical information and submit it to her through EDRS.

Here is Jennifer’s letter and instructions:



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