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The VFDA is the leading state trade association for the funeral profession. Advertise today in our online membership directory, on our website:, and in our Bulletin magazine! The Bulletin is one of our most popular member benefits, reaching over 400 member firms. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to reach Virginia’s funeral professionals with your product and service messages! All funeral homes as well as suppliers can advertise with us.

The Bulletin Magazine is published four times per year on the following schedule:

The Bulletin Magazine Oct|Nov|Dec 10/13/2019
132nd Annual VFDA Convention Brochure 11/01/2019
The Bulletin Magazine Jan|Feb|Mar 01/17/2020
VFDA Membership Directory 01/17/2020
The Bulletin Magazine Apr|May|June 04/17/2020
The Bulletin Magazine July|Aug|Sept 07/10/2020
The Bulleting Magazine Oct|Nov|Dec 10/09/2020


Use the form below to purchase Bulletin and Directory ads online. If you prefer to complete your order by mail, you can Print a copy of the VFDA 2019-20 Advertisement Form

For website advertising on, please contact the VFDA Office at
804-264-0505 or email Lacy Whittaker at