About the Virginia Funeral Directors Association

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Virginia Funeral Directors Association is to serve its members by providing and promoting programs and services to enhance member’s ability to conduct their individual businesses successfully with integrity and through collective action to promote the extension and preservation of the profession; to serve the consumer by advancing the professional competency and economic welfare of it’s membership; by representing funeral service at all levels of government; and by enhancing the public’s understanding of the value of the funeral and the role of the funeral service practitioner.

Our History/Organization

The Virginia Funeral Directors Association was formed on September 20, 1887 in Richmond,Virginia. The committee appointed for the purpose of organization announced the declaration as a functioning basis. It reads: “We, the undertakers of Virginia, this day organize into an Association, the object of which shall be the mutual advancement and elevation of our calling; the attainment of a higher standard of excellence; that we may better be enabled to serve the public who entrust their dead to our care. Our aim is to place our profession on a basis which will insure the respect and esteem of the community.” The By-laws of the Association spell out the objects of the organization which are the purposes for which the Association was formed and incorporated.

The Virginia Funeral Directors Association is a voluntary Association with membership affiliation in the National Funeral Directors Association. The VFDA publishes a bulletin as well as oversees the operations of the Association. The Association is guided by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. There are seven local districts, one Director from each district and four At-Large Directors. The Directors are empowered to employ an Executive Director and such other employees as it deems necessary to represent the interests of the VFDA as a whole, and to provide staff services for the VFDA, its Board of Directors, and committees appointed by the President in accordance with the By-laws and the provisions of an approved job description.

The president of VFDA will appoint a budget committee each fiscal year which will function under the direction of the Board of Directors.

VFDA General Objectives

  1. Marketing Services Information: To improve member’s ability to recognize marketplace trends, adjust to changing consumer preferences, and develop products and services to meet market needs. To collect, analyze, interpret, and disseminate data on social, economic, market, and government trends affecting funeral service.
  2. Governmental: To monitor and influence public policy processes at legislative, regulatory, and legal levels to maintain a favorable economic and political environment for the profession.
  3. Caregiving: To promote the growth of the individual member as a caregiving professional qualified to serve and support all persons affected, both directly and indirectly by dying, death, and bereavement.
  4. Management/Technical/Structure: To anticipate, identify, and build the business management skills of members to assure their economic survival and viability in a changing environment. To ensure that human and financial resources allocated to VFDA are utilized effectively to address the Association’s Mission and General Objectives. To maintain and improve member’s proficiency in embalming and the restorative arts and their awareness of significant public health issues.
  5. Image/Outreach: To build the public’s understanding and recognition of the role and value of the funeral and the funeral service practitioner. To promote communications, relationships, and coordinated activities with other organizations to achieve VFDA’s Mission.