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2017-18 VFDA Committee Sign Up Form
Committee Descriptions and Responsibilities

2017-2018 Committee Chairs

By-Laws & Ethics: C. Keister Whitt, III, CFSP
Awards: Robert J. Gallagher
Convention: Richie Boudreau
Convention Credentials: Haile L. “Butch” Gatewood, Jr.
Convention Exhibits: Gerald L. “Jerry” Andrews
Disaster Response: Duffy Ferguson
Endorsements: C. Keister Whitt, III, CFSP
Finance: P. Marty Hagy
Service of Remembrance: Richie Boudreau (Co-Chair) & Larry Joines (Co-Chair)
Legislative: Jay McIntyre (Co-Chair) & Larry Spiaggi, CFSP (Co-Chair)
Member Services Outreach: Larry Joines
Nominating: Larry Spiaggi, CFSP
Professional Development: Jay McIntyre
Sponsorship: Randolph Hite