Professional Futures Fund


How can the VFDA protect you, the funeral director, against over regulation or bad policies in the Commonwealth?  How can the VFDA improve your futures through the legislative process in Richmond?

Each year, a number of bills are presented that may have an effect on how you serve your client families.  Some of this legislation may have a positive impact but some may affect your ability to better serve your community in a negative way.


In order to insure your voice is heard in Richmond, we need to speak as an association with one voice.  We have continued the “One Voice” message to insure that our legislators understand that we are united as funeral directors in our efforts and there is no confusion in our position.


Our lobbyists, Angela Bezik and Julia Hammond, are experienced and influential in Richmond. We believe their work as our lobbyist is essential and at the core of VFDA being successful in our legislative efforts.  One practical benefit of lobbying is the research they conduct on behalf of legislators. They distill the mass of information relating to public policy issues. Although legislators and elected representatives have staff and support, they have limited time and resources to research and analyze information.  Angela and Julia gather information, review and analyze data, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of pieces of legislation.  They organize information and create graphs, charts, polls and reports that represent our opinion.


In short, our team gives VFDA a voice. It is a misconception that lobbyists only advocate on behalf of big, powerful corporations. Many lobbyists serve smaller interest groups. Angela and Julia act as a mouthpiece for funeral directors that otherwise might not be heard. Because they are professional persuaders, they have the knowledge, resources and ability to influence legislators and, therefore, legislation, in ways individuals and small groups may not be able.


As we prepare over the summer for the upcoming General Assembly session, we need your help in making sure the voice of all funeral directors in Virginia is heard loud and clear.

Please consider making a donation to the Professional Futures Fund to help sustain the legislative efforts of VFDA in Richmond.


All donations made over $250 will receive an insulated VFDA travel mug. 

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